There have been 3,000 scientific studies in the last six years done on mindfulness and meditation.

It Boosts Your Health:

  • Increases Immune System Function (see here)
  • Decreases Pain (see here)
  • Decreases Inflammation (see here)

It Boosts Your Happiness:

  • Increases Positive Emotions (see here)
  • Increases Ability to Control Emotions (see here)
  • Decreases Stress (see here)
  • Decreases Anxiety (see here)
  • Decreases Depression (see here)

It Boosts Your Social Life:

  • Increases Social Connection (see here)
  • Increases Compassion (see here)
  • Decreases Feelings of Loneliness (see here)

It Changes Your Brain:

  • Increases Gray Matter Density (see here)
  • Increases Volume In Area Related to Self-Control (see here)
  • Increases Volume In Area Related to Paying Attention (see here)

It Improves Your Productivity:

  • Increases Focus (see here)
  • Increases Memory (see here)
  • Increases Ability to Multitask (see here)
  • Increases Creativity (see here)

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